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Event Options

All Play Without Ceasing events are interactive and participatory. Attendees enjoy fun, interactive games followed by quiet reflective prayer, for immersive, whole-self engagement.

Play Without Ceasing Day Event 

A 5 to 7 hour workshop/retreat that balances fun group improvisational play with guided personal prayer time and group sharing for important take-aways that connect to their everyday lives and relationships.

Over the course of the day, participants learn to:

  • Invite and welcome both stranger and friend (Hebrews 13:2)

  • Pay attention to God and others (Exodus 15:26)

  • Discover innate creativity (Genesis 1:27)

  • Know when to say “Yes!” (2 Corinthians 1:17-20)

  • Recognize the subtle ways we say “No” and what we miss (Matthew 8:19-22)

  • Work in harmony as a group (1 John 3:11)

  • Harness the power of good storytelling (Psalm 66:16)

For groups of up to 50 people (older teens and adults), this workshop/retreat shows participants how to recognize God's invitations all around them, allowing them to follow God’s leading in their own lives.

No previous experience is necessary! The exercises are designed for all personality types and physical limitations will be accommodated. 

Play Without Ceasing Multiday Retreats

A 24-48 hour retreat is the most comprehensive Play Without Ceasing experience. Participants step into the quiet, focused environment of a mulitiday retreat for a one or two days of experience and prayer. They are able to engage deeply in the Play Without Ceasing material in intensive, creative group experiences, alongside extended periods of quiet personal prayer, followed by powerful group sharing.

For groups of up to 50 people (older teens and adults), a retreat leaves participants feeling both refreshed and rejuvenated as they re-enter their lives with new perspectives and transforming experiences with God and each other.

Improvisation and Freedom in Ministry:

A Training for Spiritual Directors & Ministers

A 2 to 5 hour workshop covering the basics of improvisational play theories through fun, interactive exercises, including role-playing practice. By engaging with minds, hearts and bodies, spiritual directors and ministers – both seasoned and in training – grow in their ability to stay present in relationships and respond with ease and flexibility to follow where the Holy Spirit is leading.

For groups of up to 30 spiritual directors and/or pastors, this workshop has been offered at some of the top seminary and spiritual direction formation programs in North America.

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